2004-01-26 10:03:37 ET

so friday inthia and i ended up just sitting around watching tv. mostly gabbing about who we think is hot and the like. we were going to end up and synthetic but i got a head ache and i think inthia was tired. we ended upwatching vh1's 100 hotties. which ended up with beyonce as number one which is retarded.

i ended up driving over to brian's that night. i want to say we ended up watching something. but i can't remember what exactly. i developed the jump game when i'm cuddling with brian. allyou do is shoot your legs down. and then when you land bring them back up to the original position. brian caught on super fast. like after the first one.

i bought shoes.

i also got some make up: nars "rated R" eye shadow, urban decay vert eye shadow, and urban decay "shattered" liquid eye liner. woot.

so haagen dazs ice cream "german chocolate cake" is my new favorite ice cream. viva. so now i must fix myself some breakfast and take a shower.

2004-01-28 10:01:38 ET


2004-02-18 17:33:12 ET

i like your shoes...

a lot

2004-02-18 18:01:08 ET


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