2004-01-28 17:43:44 ET

*insert whiney complaining post*

2004-01-28 17:47:00 ET

You whine too much. :-p hehe *p0kes you with a spork*

2004-01-28 17:48:21 ET


*slathers Smooshy with horseradish*

2004-01-28 17:53:03 ET

keep it in your own sk. there will be no flirting in mine. we reserve this space for bitterness.

2004-01-28 17:54:36 ET

*shakes in a some bitters for good measure*

2004-01-28 17:55:03 ET

that's better. you may resume.

2004-01-28 17:58:00 ET

LMAO @ Ginny.

That's mah ginny!! *shakes fist*

2004-01-28 17:58:14 ET

i can't resume until smoosh comes back with an equally witty condiment-related act of sexual harassment.


2004-01-28 18:10:29 ET

*throws slices of balogna at you*

2004-01-28 18:12:58 ET

*sends a small battalion of Nacho Cheese Chalupas after you and runs off to bed*

2004-01-28 18:17:34 ET

>:| make it doom like.

2004-01-28 18:26:42 ET

Doooooooooooooooooom!!! I will reign doom down upon the heads of my doomed enemies!

2004-01-28 18:34:08 ET

*inserts powdered donut instead*


2004-01-28 19:00:18 ET

i really want a doughnut. or a slurpee. i need to have slurpies injected into my veins.

2004-01-28 19:33:05 ET

you should roll around an IV full of slurpie.

or even better... a fanny pack

2004-01-28 19:37:51 ET

OMG that'd be teh rox0r

2004-01-28 20:19:19 ET

i really want a slurpie IV bag that i have to carry around on one of those little wheely deals.

2004-01-29 14:39:36 ET

and an iron lung filled with blowin' bubbles stuff...

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