2004-01-29 15:39:09 ET

alright. worst pms ever is over! *throws a parade*

so know i'm not angry. you know i wouldn't mind periods minus the mood swings, irritablity, and cramping. i don't mind the bleeding. if i had to get rid of one i'd vote mood swings. cause that is the suck.

today i looked at three trash bags full of clothing i need to sell. i'm kinda thinking of renting out a spot at the melrose trading post flea market or at glendale. i want to get rid of my stuff quick. but its worth money. so i can't just take it down to the thrift store. *prances*

i dyed a whole slew of stuff. so know its black. two new pairs of black pants, a dress, and a sleeveless hoodie. i'm excited i'm gonna wear my new black pants tonight. gonna looking damn good tonight it i do say so myself.

tonight for dinner i'm making sushi. and everyone is gonna like it. HA !! so i should get started with the sushi rice and the like.

i hated you on monday, but i'm warming up again.

p.s. i want my own internet.

2004-01-29 16:49:16 ET


2004-01-29 17:02:54 ET

i dyed a bag and a jacket yesterday. it did not work out very well.

2004-01-29 17:23:35 ET

was the material weird?

cause certain material will not dye. at all. and it sucks.

2004-01-29 17:36:29 ET

yeah i know polyester wont dye, ever.
but it was cotton! and it became a shit brown/gold when it was supposed to be a nice gray color. *&#$@$

2004-01-29 17:52:16 ET

did you do the pre-treat wash stuff..it bleaches it out first so the old color fades and the new colour can deposit itself.

also i find that the stove top method works best. you boil the thing in the dye essentially.

cause the washing machine way is crap.

2004-01-29 18:39:28 ET

yeah i did all of that. i think its just the dye or something i dunno.

2004-01-30 07:11:08 ET

was it the ritz brand?

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