2004-01-30 14:40:18 ET


this is fucking fantastic. god damn. the cg in home made films is better than the hollywood stuff.

2004-01-30 15:28:03 ET

mmm robots. they do some of the hollywood stuff. =)

Yeah, it's pretty amazing. I've seen some wicked shit.

2004-01-30 15:56:57 ET

:D! i'm never impressed with anything. but then home made stuff comes along and it just blows me away.

2004-01-30 16:03:13 ET

Innovation happens first with the individual. Fuck corporate interest. =)

2004-01-30 16:06:56 ET

that is really good for a home made type movie

2004-02-02 10:33:03 ET



double scary.

2004-02-02 10:57:29 ET

definitely. i think its amazing though.

2004-02-02 14:15:39 ET

I'm sure we'll see our automated stormtroopers soon enough. Crazy stuff is already happening.

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