2004-02-02 09:13:52 ET

i had a nice weekend. it was spent with brian and six ferrets. and some other folks too. had alot of running around to do. saturday night went over to jez and fray's cause it was the melissa's birthday. had a nice time till my allergies kicked in. which was bad. so i got all sneezy. ended up just getting to dungeon in time for the pass. had a fun time dancing and the like. danced quite a bit and my back hates me for it.

i woke up this morning to find no one here and the front door wide open. which was weird.

i think its time for breakfast and some ferret action.

2004-02-02 12:26:40 ET

My friend's cat was being weird last night and arched it's back all up funny and fluffed up it's tail and was hoping around. Looked like a giant ferret. It was kewt.

2004-02-02 12:51:02 ET


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