2004-02-03 07:34:03 ET

apparently i've gone quite nuts about the cleaning. cleaned under the sink. which is something i never do.

cleaning = spiders gettng unrooted. = bad.

i was cleaning and thought i would take a quick nap. so i curled into my bed and started dosing off. i looked at my shadow and saw something move. it's probably just my hair, so i flipped it behind me. then the lump moved again. then i saw a huge leg peek up. i jump up and scream. and grab a jar. i went back over to my bed moved the covers and a decent sized spider was there. he was aiming for my face. i could tell he wanted to bite the shit out of my face. so i tricked him into the jar, put the lid on and sat the jar in the middle of the room where i can keep a good eye on it.

so far no more spiders have decided to peek out. which is good. cause they'll get thrown in the same jar. then it will be spider wars. hungriest wins.

i just threw out all of my old clipping of nine inch nails, prodigy, and bush. *snickers*

i did find my year books and giggle quite a bit.


2004-02-03 07:36:34 ET

yick yick yick yick spiders... blech!!!

hehe. i still like prodigy.

2004-02-03 07:37:38 ET

i do too. i had all of this picture clippings that i saved. lol

2004-02-03 07:38:04 ET

Spider wars would be cool. i should harvest some from the garden and try it. what you think? the big fat black kind or a daddy long legs?

on a side note. daddy long legs.... deadliest venom in the world.... fangs too short to pierce human skin!

2004-02-03 07:47:43 ET

sub: http://spiders.ucr.edu/daddylonglegs.html in elementry school kids used to have sider wars they would catch spiders in the ivy place them on a stick and would have the two spiders go towards eacher other. first to fall of the stick would lose. it was quite interesting.

2004-02-03 07:50:25 ET

spiders are bad.

2004-02-03 07:53:11 ET

how could anyone part with their clippings of Gavin?

2004-02-03 07:54:32 ET

analog: cause i own sooo much stuff from when i was like 14 its insane. i need to get with it. i'm a pack rat. and i need to get rid of like 60% of my stuff. cause it just takes up room. :/

2004-02-04 15:42:42 ET

I like to take a vacuume with a hose extension and suck them out of their hiding places, and its not just cause of the *foomp* sound they make.

2004-02-04 15:53:55 ET

LOL. i almost died the last time i brought my vacuum into my room. i have death stairs.

2004-02-04 15:57:58 ET

Ive lived in my place for about a year now.

Have yet to vacuum.

2004-02-05 08:52:30 ET

that's awesome. i'm guessing you don't have pets...

2004-02-05 15:15:04 ET

Um...yes and no.

A snake wich dwells in an aquarium, and random people that trapse about.

2004-02-05 19:18:01 ET

ahh. its not anything that is furry. so i have to vacuum. there is soooo much fur.

2004-02-07 14:44:15 ET

I still end up covered in lint and fur, I shed alot.

2004-02-07 16:49:01 ET

hee. you should get one of those sticky tube things..

2004-02-07 17:05:40 ET

I got one! Its so great, I totaly bitch slap all my felt hats with it.

2004-02-07 17:07:21 ET

i do that to my beret. my poor beret. and anything else that is made with wool. HUR_RAH!

2004-02-07 17:09:59 ET

Come to Perv at the Ruby thursday! We'll pimp our berets!

It will be like an unstopable force of frenchness.

2004-02-09 08:11:11 ET

sounds like a total plan.

2004-02-09 14:26:06 ET


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