*champagne pops*
2004-02-10 21:45:30 ET

so i've been relatively sick the past few days.

friday and saturday were spent panseying around.

sunday we went to moca. i got sad cause i haven't touched my camera. but the exhibits were great. lots of diane arbus and others that make me squeel.

we went to go eat at toi later that night. everyone must experience the best yellow curry ever. anyhow. i gained a fever in the middle of it. and we had to go home.

i spent the next two days dazed on brian's couch. today i came home, which made me sad. but my parents get weird when i don't exist here for longer than three days.

i'm watching fischerspooner videos that honestly make me salivate and i'm wanting to travel back to october.

i've gone sour. time for bed.

2004-02-10 21:51:11 ET

Cool. I need to visit that MOCA show.
Toi is a good place to eat. It's cheap and open really late.
the batteredginny look is shocking, but interesting :O

2004-02-10 23:05:06 ET


2004-02-11 04:03:32 ET

Hm... yea, I hate being sick.

Heh, at first I was reading your entry too fast and I thought you said you went to Mecca... and not Moca...

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