2004-02-13 16:36:22 ET

my week has been pleasant. considering i started out being sick. and i keep having really scary nightmares involving death, dead sisters, rape, dead ferrets, dead horses, cheating boyfriends, violence, aliens, and weird tiny dogs.

the week got good when on wednesday i spent a nice productive day cleaning. then later that night we went over to chris and melissa's friend's house. we were gonna get a rousing game of poker on. but i was thwarted by a cute pomeranian named hoon. he had the lion cut hair cut, and wore a sweater. cutest dog ever. i ended up getting to read what chris has so far with the ghouly boys. which is soooo amazing. i can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is. chris's work just blew me away. the artwork is sooo dedicated. its great to see someone not wasting their talents. chris is going to be very famous, and he deserves every bit of it. it makes me want to get into an animation class and get back with drawing. i'm gonna attack my sketchbook. i should get back to drawing. i think a certian simon the rat needs some friends. BACK to the pomeranian!! it was tiny and black. and sooooo cute. sooooo cute. so tiny and so black and so cute. it played with a moose squeeky toy. and it would get angry if you would take the sweater off of him. he'd start to growl. sooooo cute.

thrusday. what an odd day. i was busy all day. i had to take the ferrets back. :/ which made everyone sad. but just before i was going to leave to do some hollywood action. an old friend stopped by. avi and inga. which was amazing. avi will be back sooon and i can't wait. he along with only two others are the only people who actaully do try to keep in touch with me. we talked and i heard all sorts of stuff. and i'm just excited avi will be back in the sunland.

perversion was the absolute best. i got to dance my ass of with hyatt and nyiama. and it really made me wish i would have not taken a friday morning class back in the ruby days. but school first. but i really missed the energy. and the overall feeling of everything. i've decided every thursday i will try to make it out to the club so i can dance all night. time to get rid of some bloat. perversion was great. sooooo great. <3

tonight sushi, babyland and lots of action.

OH i almost forgot. i have the best boyfriend ever. i got a large bouquet of stargazer lilies!! my favorite flower. they made me want to cry they were sooo pretty.

2004-02-13 16:40:01 ET

i don't know what stargazers are, but they sound lovely. you are a lucky girl :)

2004-02-13 16:58:01 ET

I think thats the same Chris my friend was talking about. I love his art!!

I wanna be famous..........

2004-02-17 07:08:00 ET

mis monster. me too. i wanna be known for my art.

2004-02-17 07:09:24 ET

kaetzchen, stargazers are a lily.

2004-02-17 14:14:32 ET

:o pretty

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