2004-02-15 11:04:46 ET

nobody's valentine's day will ever match how well mine went.

friday we all know brian sent me the most wonderful flowers. i get my dresser into my room. :D !! and they place perfectly on it.

brian picks me up we head back to his place for some cuddling and sleeping. i wake up in the morning, with a moose attached to me and giving me kisses. which is the best way to wake up. so after about a half an hour of bantering back and forth about what to do, and not knowing. i decided breakfast is in order. after breakfast our previous conversation comes up,

"what do you want to do today?"
"i don't know, what do you want to do today?"
"i don't know.. what do you want to do today?"
brian gets up and come back with a hand put mysteriously behind his back.

"how about we go to varekai?"
*cut to me freaking out and crying*

so we had an awfully pleasant day followed with varekai.

and anyone who knows me, knows that cirque du soliel is a religious experience for me. and it was. it was soo amazing. sooo incredible.

so brian is and will alwayd be the best ever.

p.s. hope you had a wonderful valentines day. xoxoxox

2004-02-15 11:34:45 ET

You make me MISS working (for) Cirque :(

2004-02-15 12:10:34 ET

sounds rawkin

2004-02-15 12:17:03 ET

this is how my valentines day went, and scott makes it sound a lot better than it was.

2004-02-15 16:47:03 ET

:/ next year i adopt you.

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