*sexy, sexy, sexy,. turn.*
2004-02-20 14:06:40 ET

today is a day that calls for hot cocoa and "my so called life".

ok in my highschool:

i was angela.

jorge was ricki.

cindy was reanne.

and my jordan was ken.

my so called highschool experience brought to you by the need for a boca burger.

2004-02-20 16:03:32 ET

Mmmm Boca... I miss them so.

2004-02-20 17:36:40 ET

i like your new foto :)

2004-02-20 17:46:09 ET

tater: are you against the boca? or have you just not had one in a while?

kaet: thankies. taken at the local club two weeks ago.

2004-02-20 17:48:55 ET

I stopped eating them when I found out they'd been bought by Kraft/Phillip Morris. I don't want those punkasses to have any of my $$$!

2004-02-20 17:54:49 ET

ahh. kraft is sneaky like that.

2004-02-20 17:57:28 ET

I know! Between Phillip-Morris and Procter & Gamble, nothing is safe! They own they world and all the Hawaiian Punch and Wheat Thins therein!!!

2004-02-20 18:01:56 ET

and don't forget monsanto.

it just seems that nice people can't win. it's like no matter what you get its linked somehow to something inherently evil.. :/

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