2004-02-27 06:02:02 ET

i declare today to be great day of the oatmeal!

2004-02-27 06:33:32 ET

mmm i've had such a craving for oatmeal lately. what kind are you going to eat?

2004-02-27 07:52:16 ET


2004-02-27 10:24:54 ET

That Apple Cinnamon Irish oatmeal they have at Trader Joes is the *shit*

2004-02-27 10:34:23 ET

tater: i'll have to try that out. it sounds awesome.

twilight: i had some vons brand maple sugar. it was ok.

2004-02-27 13:21:34 ET

And Chineeeee food!


NO!!! My mom ate the Chineee food!! *tear*

2004-02-28 05:53:43 ET

quaker instant peaches & cream is the BEST.

2004-03-01 05:13:35 ET

mmmm oatmeal

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