2004-03-04 06:00:30 ET

I took my dreads out and I am fully regretting this act. I've got to finish brushing out the braids. I will be able to wash my hair completely for the first time in roughly nine months. yay for shampoo. The first chance i get dreads are going back in.

2004-03-04 06:29:03 ET

you should take some after dread pre shampoo pics. yr dreads looked purdy cool. I'll get some, some day....

2004-03-04 07:03:29 ET

wow,take a pic!

2004-03-04 07:15:17 ET

hm... I can't imagine you w/o them...

2004-03-04 07:29:47 ET

http://www.subkultures.net/cgi/gallery.php?imgid=45455&user=beetleginny&page=1&gid=3 that's me without them.

2004-03-04 07:34:24 ET

whoa....how long did it take to ummm..take out the dreads??? and whoa on the shampoo!!!

2004-03-04 07:35:11 ET

well the dreads are braided in so not long at all. its the braids that are a pain.

2004-03-04 07:36:27 ET

i like your new pix by the way! in case i haven't said so! he! where do you buy your hair dye to dye your hair those neon colours?

2004-03-04 07:38:06 ET

its just punky colour or manic panic.

nothing special really.

2004-03-04 08:06:12 ET

washing hair good, postpartem depression resulting from weave loss bad

you neeed to do black. id be happy to lend a pincer or two for your next dread iteration!

2004-03-04 11:58:35 ET

nicole if you could help me out that would be great. cause right now this just sucks. :/

2004-03-04 14:04:33 ET

Wow! Nine months! Those were definitely worth the investment! I miss having crazy hair..need to get on that..

2004-03-04 17:59:35 ET

yeah. the better nine months of great hair days. now i just look like some rag-a-muffin nerd. :/

2004-03-04 20:02:32 ET

But I so ADORE your natural fuzzy hair!! So KYOOTE!!

2004-03-05 06:03:04 ET

i like it too. just not now. bleh. i want me dreads.

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