2004-03-09 08:46:47 ET

I'm up at school right now. wasting the hour and a half i have inbetween my classes. English 102 this morning was rather boring, and the focus for a good solid five mintues was this girl's "girls gone wild" shirt. way to go, you've effectively sent out a message to the whole class that your a total idiot/whore. a couple guys then moved their seats and started talking to her. oh well.

my next class is speech. which isn't all that bad. last thursday i gave my first speech to the class which was a "memorable experience" speech. i gave my speech on something that didn't happen to me. mostly because i don't want anyone to know anything about me. personally i don't think that is information that they are privaleged to recieve. i know i'm crazy. so i made up a story on how i was mugged in new york. they seemed to enjoy it. how ever one person said i was not dressed approipriately. which kinda weirded me out consideringi was wearing something quite conservative; black pin-stripe dickies, a plain black t-shirt, and a black sweater. i don't get it. i mean granted i was in all black. but i think that's ok. it wasn't like my navel was showing or i wasn't wearing a bra with a shear shirt. i'm guessing they were being judgemental about my hair or maybe piercings.

although my hair looks alot better. thankfully.

last night brian and i got together,i made him dinner. i ate some fake bbq ribs. Mmm. everything turned out pretty well. spent the rest of the night cuddled and watched tv. super exciting i know. someone told me that brian and i are the worlds most boring couple. which made me laugh. i guess people assume a relationship that i am in is like a circus or maybe an insane movie. i don't know. granted maybe when i relay things back they don't sound as exciting. granted the time we do spend together is filled with lots of insane things. cause i mean when i open my mouth i'm prone to insanity. ask anyone who knows me, but maybe not inthia cause she goes kinda nuts with me being crazy. ;P


2004-03-09 09:10:24 ET

lol, did people in your Eng. Class have a good discussion about the shirt?

2004-03-09 15:58:35 ET

probably. i have no idea. i then decided to effectively zone out for the moment being.

2004-03-09 19:32:59 ET

It might have been amusing though :P

2004-03-09 20:01:51 ET

boy:"so, how'd you get that shirt?"

girl:"you can only get the shirts if you flash the camera or do something for them."

*boy hides boner with english book*

boy:"oh wow. um. are. *voice cracks* you seeing. anyone?"

cut to me pounding my head on my desk.

2004-03-09 20:07:27 ET

That's painfully stupid. Yikes.

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