2004-03-10 05:59:41 ET

it's just hit eight am. i've managed to use an entire can of spray paint. go me. \m/

i've still got no idea as to how i'm presenting some images that are due in let's say, in two hours. boo.

i've officially got nazi rule over my computer. you treat me like poop, your rights to use my computer get revoked. \m/

i want to do nothing but live in the colour darkroom. <3 home.

i like listening to abba while printing. runners up include ella fitsgerald and etta james. god needs to give me a soulful voice. please.

i have changed my shirt since sunday. bleh.

2004-03-10 13:03:42 ET


I have a big weak spot for 'em!

2004-03-10 13:34:14 ET

LOL, abba is the greatest thing ever.

2004-03-10 14:05:09 ET

funny, i listen to ABBA while i paint the floors at work... whole can of spray paint..i can relate, are you woozie yet?

2004-03-10 14:07:08 ET

it was outside and its pretty windy.

2004-03-10 14:07:45 ET

thats no fun...hehe

2004-03-10 17:35:23 ET

i have changed my shirt since sunday. bleh.

Have or haven't?

2004-03-10 19:11:09 ET


2004-03-10 20:38:32 ET


</spelling patrol>

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