2004-03-11 18:36:02 ET

Say you are meeting a new person -- blind date, new friend, whoever -- and you want them to have some idea of who and what kind of person you are. But you can't actually tell them in so many words. Instead, you have to give them a box with a dozen things in it for them to look at/read/listen to/taste/whatever. What would you put in the box?

01. fischerspooner "#1".
02. chuck palahnuik "invisible monsters".
03. a piece of fabric that is "ginny green" (as it has been dubbed).
04. black licorice.
05. nars: rated r eyeshadow.
06. a holga camera with film.
07. godzilla toy.
08. a handful of tiny plastic dinosaurs.
09. a beetle encased in lucite.
10. knitting needles that are in the middle of something.
11. a picture of my ferrets.
12. the royal tennanbaums dvd.

my box would be circular, lime green and black and the words zombie would be carved into the lid.

2004-03-11 18:52:44 ET

isn't there a tv show like this?

but they use a suitcase

2004-03-11 19:04:42 ET

man... I wanan get that box..
it'd be kooler than jesus

2004-03-11 21:35:45 ET

i love you Ginny..i just painted sumfin ginnygreen today.

2004-03-12 06:01:32 ET

aww. i love you ian. let me know if you have any free time. i really want to see you. xoxox

mero: it's the hip box, where the party is at.

2004-03-12 13:07:47 ET

I would bet so :D

you're measureing system is the shiot as well:

"08. a handful of tiny plastic dinosaurs."

numbers 2,3,4,11,and 12 are rawkin' to the max

2004-03-15 02:56:57 ET

you have a ginny green? i have an ari blue! w00t!

2004-03-15 15:50:42 ET

ari, that's really funny. my photography teacher kinda coined it for me. and everyone knew what she was talking about.

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