green its the new black... .... ... for today.
2004-03-17 14:26:54 ET

i hate st. patricks day. and i have a small sore spot for people who are super irish proud. i won't get into the great details. but we can say a boyfriend ruined everything for partly irish people who get all proud of being irish. "it means i can drink" *pounds head to desk* no it just means your an idiot and have no sense about what this "holiday" is about nor what your actual roots are. fuckers.

i really hate having green hair on a day like this.

time to make more hair.

2004-03-17 14:30:11 ET

i recently went to a saint patricks day party. and it wasnt stupid, thank god. everyone was really into their roots and all. with great music and execellent food :P

but i know exactly what you are talking about. stupid people.

2004-03-17 14:45:32 ET

i waited for someone to make the comment about how timely my hair is, like they're so witty for thinking of it. i certinaly didn't have to wait long.

2004-03-17 14:46:36 ET

The silly thing is most people in Ireland don't even celebrate St. Patrick's Day. If people really wanted to get in touch with their Irish roots, maybe they should start by celebrating a real Irish holiday. I need to get in touch with my Irish roots... with a tub of bleach and a tint brush :p

2004-03-17 14:50:58 ET

i'm English!!!

2004-03-17 14:53:18 ET

bleh to using your heritage as an excuse to get sloshed. :S i feel you on the green hair thing too ACCK.

2004-03-17 15:52:44 ET

thank you everyone. i was a bit worried i'd get berated for it. but seriously st. patrick's day is silly.

tateness: ah men.

rust: death to everyone. bastards. its sooo hilarous when i hear, "great irish pride" like every five seconds. i respond with "biatch, i be hispanic."

2004-03-17 17:50:37 ET

whoa... i totally agree with you on the st.pat day is lamer.

I was gonna write a post like yours.


2004-03-17 17:50:57 ET

you can copy and paste. hee.

2004-03-17 17:51:13 ET

heh... i should, that'd rawk

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