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2004-03-22 12:50:31 ET

well i finally got around to seeing "lost in translation" which was unbelievable good. i really love bill murray and i thought that he did a wonderful job. the whole thing was just great.

i also saw "eternal sunshine for the spotless mind" which was amazing. honestly, it's the best movie i have seen. the kaufman brothers story is amazing and michelle gondry makes everything sooo wonderfully breathtaking. after seeing the film i had to just kinda sit there, cause it was really overwhelming. kate winslet looks super cute too, i kind of dispised her for the whole titanic thing, but obviously she's a great actress.

"dawn of the dead" was also viewed which was ok. lots of blood. the opening is good but the movie loses the "eek" hold it has on you, i was nauseated from the first scene. lots of blood and lots of filler. kinda sad cause everyone seemed to liked it. oh well. i still prefer 28 days later, and resident evil if i need my zobie fill. and don't think about commenting that neither of the films contained zombies, cause they were.

p.s. people in zombie films are inherently dumb. thumping in the dark = zombies, do not investigate futher.

is your house zombie proof?

things you want: steel doors, knob styled door knobs ( the kind you have to grip and twist.), minimal enterances, food and water to keep you good for months, guns and lots of amunition, matches, and lots of flamible stuff to spray onto zombies, boards for boarding up windows or no windows, a helocoptor, generator, and preferably to be living on your own self sustaining island so you can rid zombies and then be safe. zombies don't swim. cheers.

saturday, hung out with smash saw "eternal sunshine..". irvine is weird and has the largest mall i've ever been too. the spectrum is huge. did go into a cool store that had these great welding pieces of the alien and of predator. i want, gimme. great to see smash again. considering it had been months.

sunday, paintball. it was hot and i got hit about seven or eight times after beeing killed. many bruises prevailed.


ate dinner at killer shrimp with melissa, chris, jay, nicole, karen, joe, and lucas. then headed to zombie flick with chris, melissa, fray, jez, joe, and karen. me and melissa huddled together while making the same shreiky noises for empty scenes with dramatic music. yay. i got to read all of "the ghouly boys" number one. and chris will be a millionaire, hopefully he'll let me be his photographer and i'll be the only one allowed to photograph him. wooo! in all seriousness, the comic is amazing and even cooler is that i know him.

my muscles ache and i need to get some rest. quite a decent amount of pain racing around in my body.

2004-03-22 13:01:34 ET

I heard Jay was merciless. *cringes from sight of bruise*

2004-03-22 13:05:12 ET

I'll agree, people in horror movies in general are pretty oblivious to what is generally not pro-not dying stuff.

ps. watch lucio fulci's zombie for a pretty cool shark vs. zombie duel

2004-03-22 13:22:02 ET

smash- yeah it was crazy. but still fun.

self-pro- i mean. zombie movies do exist in their worlds right? i mean come on. its basic instinct to know you don't put your head to the mouth of a zombie. yet. this happens quite a bit.

2004-03-22 13:37:51 ET

Even in the movie's own world, it's a drag when a movie resorts to creating suspense by having characters take stupid risks. I still want to see the movie though :)

2004-03-22 17:10:31 ET

some people never learn.
what was that?
*goes off alone, unarmed, in the dark, to investigate*

2004-03-23 09:48:25 ET

<3 lost in translation

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