fancy pants
2004-03-23 19:28:02 ET

i am now the dread master. soon i will have ass length dreads. woot. i will also have buff arms because of this. lots of back combing = buff arms. fear it.

today school was bleh. now i must attack more dreads.


2004-03-23 19:34:19 ET

I dream of becoming a dread master..

instead I ruined a whole ton of hair...
and made lamer pseudo dreads..

I bow down unto thee

2004-03-23 19:37:05 ET

everyone has some sort of a master victory.

mine is food master!

2004-03-23 19:40:21 ET

alex:Mmm food. i think your mastery is better than mine. hopefully i can be a super master at like at least five cool things.

mero: it takes practice and a flea comb. just keep practicing

2004-03-23 19:41:26 ET

I have the flea comb...
pratice I have not... it sucks to have to constantly order hair from the net... :(


2004-03-23 19:43:03 ET

ooh, what colors are you using?

2004-03-23 19:46:52 ET

mero: you don't have any wig stores?

luckieolp: neon green, neon yellow, blue, and black.

2004-03-23 19:48:10 ET

ginny: yeah mine is better, in the sense that it will eventually kill you. :> hhee;P

i want to see pictures when you are done with those dreads!!!

2004-03-23 19:55:59 ET

alex: i will gladly die for some mastered food.

2004-03-24 03:58:46 ET

No wig stores....

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