2004-03-31 16:03:14 ET

*prances to new skinny puppy*

i've got roughly 10 or so more dreads to do, then the great steaming begins. i've just been back combing everything, and then i will steam them all. it seems to go faster this way, and i don't have to keep filling up my iron with water.

i'm about *this* close to just buying a steamer. cause this sucks. plus i can steam all sorts of things.. like babies.

i think a zombie lives in my attic. it rustles around at night, trying to get me to see what's going on. so it can attack me. but i'm like, quite being lazy and if you want my brains just come into my room. its been a week. i am guessing eventually he will get hungry enough to do it.

w00t. alright i should get back to the factory.

2004-03-31 16:10:44 ET

i cant wait to see the godiva dreads. *quiver*

i usually back comb everything then steam everything too. i enjoy having an enormous teased cloud of fake hair floating around my room. i like to jump in it and roll around sometimes.

ok i dont actually do that.

2004-03-31 16:30:42 ET

hee. they are floating next to me, and i keep getting tangled in them... i think they are trying to strangle me.

so. if you hear about a girl being strangle by dreads in the news, don't be suprised. it'll be like one of those weird stories when the police find someone all tied up in their house with out the keys to the cuffs..

2004-04-07 21:46:17 ET

chamber misses the beetle

2004-04-08 05:20:11 ET

aww. i mis you. please let me know when you have free time caue i would love to see you. i've got a car now so i'm moble.

2004-04-08 11:00:21 ET


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