2004-04-07 15:30:02 ET

my hair is still only half done.

i have a wacom tablet that i can't use. life is the biggest cock tease ever right now. spring break is two seconds away.

i need to make plans to go to SF soon, before school gets out so i can look at colleges.

gah. i'll make something worth a lick later.

2004-04-07 15:51:58 ET

i must say i love your pictures.

2004-04-07 16:18:43 ET

Ugh. The old "lets look at colleges" trip. Even worse if the folks come along....

2004-04-07 16:40:21 ET

wacom is the shit.
I <3 my neon pink wacom.

2004-04-07 17:51:21 ET

i really really really want a wacom tablet. i need it. i just keep staring at the one that is here praying to god it will go pc friendly.

analog: yeah, i don't mind if my folks come along, although i don't see why they would want to.

anti- thank you. :D !!

2004-04-07 18:18:14 ET

im going to SF for spring break :D

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