2004-04-08 05:27:58 ET

i fell asleep with my light on in my room. this caused me to have really fucked up scary dreams, get the absolute worst night of sleep ever, and wake up with a bad kink in my neck.

zombies and really really scary alieans all in one dream is a bit much. i woke up completely freaked out.

i need a good cuddle and some asprin.

2004-04-08 06:31:36 ET

sleeping with the light on cause nightmares? interesting

2004-04-08 07:46:16 ET

thats so weird...
latley, i havent been able to sleep without one of my big lights on

2004-04-08 13:58:38 ET

drowning dollie, no, i fell asleep and the light was on. not bececause of the nightmares. i prefer to sleep in pitch blackness, i think because of the light being on, i had the nightmares.

blu: alot of people tell me that they sleep with lights on. which freaks me out cause i know my body goes through weird things if i sleep with the lights on.

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