this is your end point
2004-04-08 16:02:12 ET

i juts lost it, and tol dmy mom half of everything i'm feeling. she's i think finally heard me and soon i'll be seeing an actual psychologist. she told me some things i suspected. i just really want a. "L" out of my head. i think about him way too much. in an unhealthy way. (L is the ex-boyfriend that strung me along, made me believe something that wasn't there, that i loved, and fed me everything i needed but didn't mean any of it. that relationship has a serious scar mark in my life. nice christian boys are never nice. they want to corrupt.) b. to build some self-esteem and become confident in myself. c. to become content. d. to not be an emotional wreck. e. have my creativity come pouring out of my body again.

i cleaned, cried, and listened to fischerspooner. which makes me believe that i someday will be happy and making wacky art.

i did really well on my speech midterm and possibly bombed my english midterm. i officially can say i hate 99.999% of all poetry.

tonight i go out to dance, because i need to sweat. i plan on kicking my ass tonight, so that tomarrow i can't move.

2004-04-08 16:10:39 ET

Can I watch you kick your ass? Lol
*huggles* j0o are strong girl. =)

2004-04-08 16:15:01 ET

b. to build some self-esteem and become confident in myself.
I am glad to hear you speak that way, you are strong.
I think most of us don't realize how special and unique we are in so many ways, and we dont appreciate ourselves. I hope everything comes along just nice for you. Emotional stress can be a bitch, beat it with a stick.

2004-04-08 16:16:01 ET

No no...beat it with a moose.

2004-04-08 16:16:45 ET


2004-04-08 16:23:38 ET

From your photos alone I can tell you exude talent, so you should have a lot to be proud of.

....and there is some good poetry out there, I promise you that--though it's not written by crusty old romantics from 200 years ago, either. ;)

2004-04-09 00:13:41 ET

*HUGS* i do hear you.

2004-04-09 07:37:54 ET


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