2004-04-26 12:28:29 ET

unfortunitely, i received terrible news of a friends passing this weekend. thankfully, i did recieve the news. i don't know where exactly to start, except only that they will be greatly missed. i was just thinking about them last week and hoping i would be able to see them soon. i really hope there wasn't much pain. a beautiful creative person with such gifts...


i keep going back and forth. not sure exactly as to what's going on with me. it's awfully hot today and i think i'm coming down with some form of illness. i've got a slight fever and an awful headache. i'm really not in the mood for doing anything although i do need to get started on a paper.

the weekend was fairly simple, thursday night brian and i caught a musical, Mama Mia, which was gayer than rent. and by a far. i enjoyed it, although it was like watching some bad kcop mid saturday matinee. i guess the best description would be:

musical + kcop matinee + soundtrack consisting of nothing but ABBA.

went to fred 62's afterwards and got french toast action. ran into eva, jake, ben, and ben's GF. we chatted for a bit and then headed back to my car.

friday was filled with critique. i made a very tiny book, which got good reviews which makes me happy, cause alot of work went into it.

saturday and sunday were filled with laziness and watching films. sunday had a bbq intermission.

i'm getting lazy and tired from this.

2004-04-26 15:53:04 ET


2004-04-26 17:14:44 ET

ja, when your head feels a touch warm and youve got a headache, adding warm weather on top of that just sucks

i'm sorry to hear about your friend.

2004-04-27 21:00:12 ET

so, i totally didn't get to call you back the other day. i shal;l call you tomorrow.


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