2004-04-29 18:49:08 ET

three reason my film life in the next two years won't be all that bad.

resident evil: apopcolypse

alien vs. predator

batman begins.

i put all of my faith that the man of ass for head schulcake took away from the batman films and place it in the hands of christopher nolan. for the love of god. do not put nipples on the batsuit. i will love you forever. plus choosing christian bale was perfect. and thank god we are gonna get a taste of the scarecrow.

make this movie as cool as his car:

2004-04-29 18:50:55 ET

chris nolan did direct memento, and that was a great movie

2004-04-29 18:53:46 ET

hence the reason i place my faith in his hands.

i'm hoping he will bring back my faith.

plus watching christian bale for 1.5 hours in the batsuit will gladly be sexy watching time, even if it sucks.

2004-04-29 18:56:29 ET


2004-04-29 19:34:42 ET

wow.. the scarecrow..
I have a great comic of him in it..
He's making sprays of people's worst fears and spraying them on them..

That's a bad ass badguy..
It was a great dark comic

2004-04-29 20:23:17 ET


Need need nedd....

2004-04-30 06:12:38 ET

I was convinced about ayear ago when i heard they would be making the film that that would be the character. because he's next in line as far as being cool.

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