2004-05-06 14:34:48 ET

so i just got abba gold, it came all the way from england.


alright so. i know i have stuff to talk about. i got rollerblades and brian and i went out twice this weekend. which was really nice. we went skating at the beach. i saw lots of tiny dogs. talked about the east coast. and how philly would be a cool place to live. so maybe in like two or three years. i need to pee. crap.

ok. sarah, brian and i got to hang out. which was fun. a trip to sephora make her lips look bigger and made me smell good. yay. i got to shake the hand of a spider monkey. i gave him a dollar and he was very polite. we also saw mean girls. i know opening weekend. what gives. well i learned my god damn lesson. ginny + society = bad. had to tell someone to shut the fuck up in the middle of the film, which sent more people into histerics than the film. but only cause those people suck and have no sense of humor. the movie was hilarious. tiny fey should write all teen girl movies. i'd watch them alot more that's for sure. so going to films on opening weekend isn't an option anymore.

i really hate people.

it's been pleasantly warm.

and that is about it. i gave a speech on making pinhole cameras last week. that was ok. i think i'm going to go out tonight. cause i'm angry and need some dancing.

2004-05-06 15:15:24 ET

philly is nice, i love it here.

2004-05-09 20:44:37 ET

Sniff...I LOST my sephora lipstick this weekend :( *cries*

I must buy MORE like NOW.

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