2004-05-12 07:08:54 ET

i think i will be making a book on all the crushes, boyfriends, and people i've dated. it won't be very long, but it could turn into something you know. a life long project.

i'm also hoping to photograph all of the people i know, to turn into a working book also.

i also want to document all of the non-causasion people of the industrial scene. we exist. i know its hard to believe. but i think it would be really intersting. because most people associate whites with it, because white is the default.

let me know what you all think.

2004-05-12 07:46:09 ET

I think you, like, me, are mainly white, that's what I think. ;) :P

"Hips Panic" Axo

2004-05-12 08:59:11 ET

thats a great idea. i've been documenting my times thus far at school and it's been strangely fullfilling..

go for it !!!

2004-05-12 09:24:52 ET

You rock.

2004-05-12 09:44:18 ET

Smashy, quiet, you whitey! Viva la raza!

2004-05-12 09:46:05 ET

*pokes Axo in teh gut*
*runs away crying*

I'm part cherokee...does that count? Lol

2004-05-12 11:08:15 ET

Criminy, if we start taking everyone with a drop of Injun blood in here, we'll totally mess up Ginny's thesis. j00 are white...white like the belly of a RenFaireGoth!! All you are allowed to do is worship the Aztecan goodness of Suger! While dancing to 'Thorns', that is.

2004-05-12 11:40:27 ET

Damned hippy!

2004-05-12 12:01:34 ET

i want a tattoo on my back of a piece of paper, and after everyone i fuck, or have been in a relationship, their name gets to go on my paper. haha jk.

2004-05-12 13:05:08 ET

for such a nice-a boy, I'd have a fair amount of ink on my back.

2004-05-13 05:04:13 ET

i think it's a great idea...
hell i thought that until i met all of YOU... ::looks around wide eyed::

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