2004-05-14 15:58:38 ET

sensory overload. take vegas multiply it by one million times then stick it into the convention center. ha. so amazing. e3 was the shiznit. and so many neet games. doom 3 soo pretty. new nightmare b4 x-mas game thing. omg and the best part: RETRO GAMING MUSEUM. oh atari how brown you were. soo awesome. they had like every console to ever exist. shit i hadn't even heard of. it was amazing.


p.s. natasha is beautfiul. i saw her last night at her opening i had a great time, met lots of neat people too. i'm rethinking cal arts and i think i may go and suffer with natasha. :D yay. her work was way fucking amazing. she's the best they have. xoxoxo.

2004-05-14 16:03:18 ET

if you go to cal arts youll be going to school across town from where i live

2004-05-14 16:10:05 ET

Natasha's stuff was awesome. I really liked it too.

2004-05-14 22:18:01 ET

thanks so much!!! <3

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