2004-05-17 08:08:38 ET

alright. busy busy. friday was e3, and that rocked. ran into friends suprisingly enough. ate pizza and played video games. it was good. after e3 brian and i attacked n2cole and dragged her to pasedena. met up with jay at wok n roll. we made her eat sushi with us and then took her to prix. where i demanded she get her septum pierced. she complied with all of our demands. hee. walked around got boba (!) and then had a heart to heart talk in the process of picking up brian's car and driving nicole home.

saturday we went to shittywalk, pranced around looking at things. was harassed by some ghetto babies. ate more pizza. i got a call from melissa and she invited me to go to a party with christopher. cause she was dog sitting and would not be able to attend. it was at chad micheal ward's house and i would be mingling with all of his cool art friends. woo. i realized shortly what would happen and i knew i would be all quiet and geeky.

i need to get my stuff together and get a portfolio done. i need to stop being retarded. anyhow.

went over to chris and melissa's and hung out. we played with the puppy and took it out to the poop run. where i saw a squirrel that had the consistency of a paper bag and a dead baby bird. :/ the dog got beat up by this super mean dog who lunged at melissa. which is totally not cool i almost hit the dog but the woman looked like she might shoot us. so instead i threatened it with the mighty stick i was holding. it backed it's ass down. then the woman decided to get involved and grab her dog. she is dumb and should be eaten by her mean dog.

christopher and i headed over to chad's place. the artpartment, is filled with both his and his wife, danielle's art. it's great. their fridge was filled with film and booze. christopher and i hid on the patio totally being shy and dumb. mostly because the party was filled with super cool artsy types who i look up too. after a few people arrived we parked it in the kitchen, which was good cause we made anyone who would come by to get alcohol talk to us. ha. i met a bunch of cool people and had a great time. after most of the people left chad, eric, chris and i watched fifth element. we realized how late it was and decided to leave. melissa drove me back to brian's and we got to talk about our immense love for animals and movies.

so i get home and brian is awake playing video games,i decided to go pee. i get thrown off my usual pee routine by a couple having sex. the girl was being super loud. i decided to stay away from that side of the apartment and got to bug brian. but after a bit i was starting to get tired cause it was like 4:30. i figure they should be done and prance into his room. and boy was i wrong. they went on for like another 30 minutes. :/ i just wanted to sleep. meh. we should have left a note on their mail box. the only comedy in this is that the people in the sex apartment building always leave notes because brian's alarm clock is "too loud" for them. (just know that this note mocks theirs so its funny and you should laugh.)

whom it may concern:

we are your neighbors across the way, and while we are trying to go to sleep your banshee of a girl is passionately moaning quite loud. it would be really great if you could turn her down, possibly put a pillow over her head. anything really. you can buy and inexpensive gag and use that, hell stuff a sock in her mouth. we have work in the morning and no one can sleep with her screaming about. she's probably just putting on a lazer show for you, because most likely she's honestly not enjoying herself that much. you should think about up-ing your performance because from what we heard, she didn't have an orgasm but you did. way to go stud.

several people in our building are very upset with this. it would be great if you would quiet her down.

thank you,
your neighbors.

sunday was filled with skating at venice. didn't get too far cause my legs were killing me. i need to stretch really really good before we go. i had a nice time on the way back cause we skated with the wind so it's alot easier.

afterwards we went out for sushi. i ate a good portion of food and got a bit hyper afterwards. Axo decided that we must attend TRON at the el capitan. so we pranced off to that direction. TRON was of course super awesome. afterwords we headed to "beat it" expecting to hang out with syko. i went to the pee pee room and every girl with a side part was seriously giving me dirty looks. we couldn't find her but ran into leo and mary on the patio. i pranced off to go dance to peaches. after dancing i found brian, turns out syko wasn't there or even coming. so we promptly left. (that club was TEH SUCK, majorly. it was like being in high school but with a bunch of "hipsters" who were all mean and retarded. they need sideparts and bangs to hide the serious phantom of the opera face the got going on. dumb bitches all of them. minus ten points.)

that was my weekend. now to write a paper. woo.

2004-05-17 08:32:13 ET

Did you catch the WoW trailer at E3? Talk about skilled animators. My younger brothers are going to die when they see it.

2004-05-17 08:55:06 ET

you were expecting to find SYKO at Beat It? :0

oh geez. I coulda told you she was sleepy and wasn't going anywhere. Heh, she needs a 'mood indicator' dial. She wasn't in 'depressed' mode, but 'sleepy mew' was more like it after she blazed through the Norton Simon yesterday.

Did Brian turn into Disco Brian? I so want to see pix of him in short boyshorts and leg warmers. And glitter.

and YES, you did have to attend TRON. GinnyTRON. :P

Silver tinsel curtains enchant Axo

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