2004-05-23 20:15:14 ET

things i would like to do within the near future (presented in random):

- sing in a musical
- take piano lessons
- take singing lessons
- get a nice excercise routine
- have an amazing insect collection
- go to europe
- become happy with myself
- learn to live alone
- seriously take up kick boxing
- have girl's night (i'm looking for june-july)

(there are alot more but that's just what i was thinking about right now.)

2004-05-23 23:39:50 ET

musical huh?...

2004-05-24 16:19:52 ET


2004-05-27 13:51:45 ET

if you are interested in taking singing lessons take catherine card at gcc, she is awesome and she has lots of patience. im currently singing some italian songs in her class, its nice.

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