2004-06-17 11:33:05 ET

*stirs pot* yay for new stuff dyed black. thank god there is black fabric dye. *prances*

time for food.

2004-06-17 11:37:57 ET

you must teach me! i have a hankering to dye some denim i have black.

2004-06-17 11:38:53 ET

yes. we should get together soon for black dying action!

2004-06-17 14:35:55 ET

does it stay black when you wash it? what's the name of the dye? ive heard of something that started with an "r"

2004-06-17 14:48:06 ET

rit dye is the one i use.

yeah it stays. you have to make sure the fabric is dyable most stuff will barely take colour cotton is best.

2004-06-17 19:33:23 ET

I dyed some clothes of mine black recently...
I dyed my work clothes.. and I didnt quite get all of the dye out... when I went to dishwash a few days later it got all wet and I dyed myself black..

rit dye is crazy.

My long johns turned out killer though :D

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