2004-06-22 07:11:38 ET

my brakes are totally shot. i shouldn't be driving on them, but i need to get to school today. i'm hoping they won't totally explode. tonight my daddy is gonna fix em up. let's pray i don't kill myself on the way to school.

.. or back from it.

NOTE: the brakes are being fixed right now. the squeeling and grinding was just worn out brake pads and not my car wanting to explode. YAY!

2004-06-22 07:15:44 ET

yes, lets!

2004-06-22 09:37:56 ET

O_O !! Hope your car made it sweetie and didnt turn you into bloody hashbrowns. I'm always paranoid that my car will not STOP one of these days in the freeway. All the vehicles I drive have the tendency to want to kill me.

2004-06-22 11:20:37 ET


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