holy crap.
2004-06-24 15:35:44 ET

it's not often when i get an anxiety attack. but to have an anxiety attack brought on by a person's opinion is just horrid.

seeing that the guy said that it was ok that women make $.75 for every dollar a man makes. and that women are weaker, dumber, and more emotional so they should make less money because we aren't capable of running countries or corparations. (ignore the fact that lots of countries have had women presidents, companies have women presidents, a woman supreme court judge, and lots of female senators. my hands started shaking and my heart was pounding so hard after i heard this. he then said that being a senator doesn't matter. .. so he basically said that men who are senators don't matter either. IGNORE THE FACT THAT THEY RUN 1/3 OF OUR GOVERMENT. i told him that because of people like him, women are going to have to forever struggle and that he's just made it that much harder for his sisters, mother, and future daughters.

i swear to god, it makes no sense to me why anyone, especially someone of colour, would advocate any form of discrimination. if you allow a slice of discrimination, then i believe you advocate for all discrimination. if you hate women and you believe that the discrimination against women is fine. Then someone who hates south american ethnicities should say that discrimination against them is fine. its the same thing. hate is hate.

that shit ain't cool.

especially after the first day of class when my teacher went into a lengthy talk about discrimination.

2004-06-24 15:39:10 ET

I'm sure he doesn't hate women enough not to fuck them.

*rolls eyes*

2004-06-24 15:47:21 ET

please point at him & say.."ian S. talbot says you're an idion"
what an ass.

2004-06-24 15:54:09 ET

eh, I had a teacher who called that sort of discrimination "the helicopter effect," as in the people who reach up for help never care about people bellow them once they are safe and aboard. People will always try to find someone "bellow" them. "Double" and "triple" minorities (gay black women, etc.) noticed that a lot of civil rights movements ditched them once the most powerful of the group got the goods. So sad but true.

2004-06-24 16:12:17 ET

omg!! i would be furious too!!

damn i will murder this dickhead!!

2004-06-24 16:19:28 ET

"What is the smartest thing to come out of a woman's Mouth?..Einsteins dick"

This was told to me by the guy who was selling me a new Truck. Not only did I not buy the truck (paper work was in process) but after a lengthy talk with his manager he no longer worked for the dealership. I called a week later and asked to speak with the bigot only to be informed that he no longer worked there ; )

I can't stand ppl like that.

Just remeber for every asshole out there, there is someone like me who gets turned on by smart girls and My dream girl can weld better than I can ; )

2004-06-24 17:17:34 ET

thanks for the moral support everyone.

uberdork, you know that's such a great point. when this comes up again i'll have a nice little notebook full of stuff to point out to him.

ian: you best be sure on monday i'll hand him the list.

charles: ain't that the mother fucking truth. like white feminist using african americans. "cause the african america female has is twice as worse..."

natasha, let's have the killing spree.

alice: thank god you exist. that's amazing. and i can't believe a sales associate would say something soo incredibly horrid like that. they exist smart welders, and i hope they find you.

2004-06-25 16:47:10 ET

that women are weaker, dumber, and more emotional so they should make less money because we aren't capable of running countries or corparations-whos the stupid one? more emotional, maybe he isnt emotional enough, which seems the case with most men. brouht up to supress their emotions, thats why thres so many divorces and why i constantly hear about men breaking womens hearts etc. cause they are taught thats how a man should be. weaker? try having a baby, going through the pain of pms month after month. men are the weak sex, i think we all know that. i feel sorry for men, their world truly seems to revolve around sex, which in my mind you need a women or to think of a women to do that which means pussy whipped. they need us, poor things. and these attitudes is what drives men and women further apart rather than trying to understand each others differences. i am not saying this applies to all men but most. sorry. evolve already!

2004-06-25 16:56:56 ET

Wow Moonglow,
that is like saying:

"Black people aren’t as smart as white people they only want to do drugs and shoot each other that is why they have too many kids they can't afford, I'm not saying this applies to all black people but most."

Just to put things in perspective for you.

And Please don't feel sorry for me.

2004-06-25 17:34:21 ET

sorry but i have not met too many men i can respect, actually i havent met one. prove me wrong. every one i've met has lied to me.

2004-06-25 18:06:28 ET

Women Lie as well. There is no monopoly on the truth.

I hope you have a few guy friends. I know that if I'm lied to I no longer consider that person a friend. If every male in your life has lied to you and you don't have any guy friends left then I feel sorry for you.

And not to be rude but maybe you need to look within, if you try to measure a thousand things and all the measurements are wrong you need a new ruler.

Check your standards for selecting friends, you may have a taste for “Bad Boys”, remember they got that name for a reason.

2004-06-25 18:40:29 ET

i don't lie. no, i don't have many male friends, i have a few male aqaintances. my guy friends, all they ever wanted was sex so i ended those relationships i got sick of being pressured about it. i never said i felt sorry for you in particular. that doesnt make sense that you feel sorry for me if i dont have any guy friends left cause they all lied to me then in the previous sentence you stated that if someone lied to you, you don't consider them a friend anymore. you are saying that when someone lies to you you dump them but that if i dont have any guy friends cause they lied to me i am to be felt sorry for????? but yet you say if someone lies to you, you no longer consider tham a friend? nonsense. people are not perfect, i try and give people chances,give them the benefit of the doubt not cut them off immediately, i try and werk things out. forgive me if i am a bit harsh but i am still bitter towards someone who has just gone out of his way to be outright mean, nasty, cruel and dishonest. i am comparing alot to him, thank you very much. i am not giving up on the whole male race just cause of that one bad apple. but like i stated before i still havent met a man i can trust and i suppose when i do that will be that. the end.

2004-06-25 18:46:25 ET

That explains a lot, thanks.
I'm glad you are not giving up on the male half.

2004-06-26 09:43:54 ET

what class with this?? gezz, sounds like a loser!

2004-06-26 10:34:28 ET

in my anthropology class.

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