2004-07-08 14:38:17 ET

Friday, saturday, and sunday brian and i attended the skinny puppy shows. memorable moments include but are not limited to:
friday: mostly spent humping eric. and watching a quasi-lesbian couple make out, while some guys stole sips from their drinks. afterwards heading to bunker to get my dance on.

saturday: hanging out nicoles, vincent, jay, tricia, and seamus. getting thuroughly covered in blood. the age old question was answered, ohgr wears boxerbriefs. which i believe makes him like 20 point hotter. afterwards dungeon, to hang out more with a few previously mentioned people.

sunday: having an overall good time and not getting squished. the guy to my left sucked. he and his friends were screaming along while managing to get more spit on me than my sweat ohgr blood combined. :/ eww. but ohgr in a fancy party hat was good.
on monday there was a break down. but later tricia, seamus, friend child, brian, and i went to go see spiderman 2. which was totally enjoyable and quite action packed. there were a couple of pretty tense scenes and some super funny parts. grabbed some food afterwards and then headed back to brian's. i got sick, brokedown, and headed home. monday was really exhuasting. bleh.

teusday and wednesday were quite bleh. i spent roughly three or four hours at the hospitol waiting for them to tell me that i indeed did have a UTI. i waiting for the doctor and he finally comes in. i tell him i have a uti, with the basic symptoms and that i developed it this morning. he goes through the usual ask a billion questions implying i don't know what the fuck i'm talking about and that i'm a giant whore. :/ i want to do a urine test and some blood tests. i am pretty sure that i don't have a

blood infection. i don't get why he wanted blood. i think he suspected i had a STD or something. three viles of blood later, he tells me i have a UTI. NO SHIT! so i get my medicine and head home. soo crappy. except for when my dad brought home a puppy. the man who just lectured us no more than two weeks ago about "no more animlas", brought home a puppy. i couldn't believe it. and as you can see she is rather cute. her name is lily frankenstein. well frankenstein if i get my way.

tonight i've got smash's b-day dinner. then i'm coming home for some rest. i've got a mean headache and slight fever. meh.

2004-07-08 15:04:57 ET

Ogre also wears pink, star-shaped sunglasses, which makes him a pretty-pretty princess.

2004-07-08 19:19:19 ET

you're so lucky! what a pretty puppy!
bad news about the infection, good you're not letting it hold you back. be well :)

2004-07-11 03:24:31 ET

aaaww, cute^20385720394823094234
is that a chihuahua?

that foto is awesome and it makes you look like youve just used those little fists to pummel someone to a bloody pulp with their blood all over you. awesome. and violently hot.

get well soon, girl!

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