2004-07-17 00:50:12 ET

dear life,

fuck you.

a. i'm single.
b. i'm wheel-less. (that was a great second blow btw.)
c. you give my new puppy parvo. and it might die.

the one thing that was suppose to make me feel better about everything else. like not being loved, and then being stranded. and just the over-all feeling of unworthiness. and you are going to take the one positive thing i have left.

you know what. you suck. the next time i see you, you better be wearing a cup. cause my boot is headed straight for your balls.

go ahead and throw what ever else you need at me. cause right now i've got the immense will to survive. so go ahead, toss it at me: cancer, six months left, all of my friends dying. cause at this point there's no reason to stop right?

just get it over with.



p.s. consider this fair warning.

2004-07-17 01:07:54 ET

you can always go on a killing spree, and after that sushi, It will sure brigthen things up.

Um, wait, that's illegal.
Feel better, really :<

2004-07-17 04:58:28 ET

that sounds fucking horrible. your entry is good though. i like it. and if life ever replies, warn it that i'm comin for it's ass too.

2004-07-17 07:55:21 ET

has she been diagnosed with parvo? i read up on it a little and sometimes other stuff may seem like parvo but isnt as severe (which i totally cross my fingers for). keep me posted. that little lady will definately be in my prayers, as will you. <3

2004-07-17 10:14:53 ET

noa: hee. killing isn't my style. but thank you.

melissa: ha, we can double team it.

nicole: yea, diagnosed. her situation as of now is that the parvo hasn't reached her bone marrow, and she's stable. but still very sick. thank you. thank you. xoxoxoxo <3

2004-07-17 10:59:20 ET

For some reason you 2 going out seemed like one of those concrete things in the univerese. Now that your apart I fear that time and space will cease to exist.

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