2004-07-19 01:10:58 ET

the puppy is dead. couldn't even make it long enough to be put down, she just let herself go.

my parents are fighting.

i drank too much tonight.

i'm depressed and i'd love nothing more than to just dissappate into mist. (it isn't the alcohol.)

but i won't because i have like 8 million weasels.

after the weasels, i'm dust.

i just want happiness and love. i'm soo sick of putting all of me into relationships and having them blow up in my face. i don't deserve to not be happy. and to not have someone who for once can just admit they love me. what the hell is wrong with people these days. i don't understand it. love isn't a bad thing. but there are so many catch ups about it. and if people would just be honest things would be so much easier. i'm so young and already i feel like just medicating the shit out of me so i can't feel one fucking thing. i hate the fact i was given the largest capacity to love and i never will never recieve/see any fraction of what i give.

anything good in this life is short lived, even with it's short life expectancy, if you add me into the equation i cut down 75% of anythings life.

i want to be the one that someone would die for. i want to be the person that you can't get out of your head. just for once.

time to go wallow in self pity. it's too bad i had such a brief night of enjoyment.

2004-07-19 07:44:31 ET

im so sorry about the puppy, ginny. you are going through more heartbreak than anyone should have to put up with. take care of yourself. wallow in weasels.

2004-07-19 09:00:50 ET

my sympathies for the passing of the puppy. poor little thing. :(

2004-07-19 11:10:49 ET

poor doggie. I hate to hear for things like that.
<--doggie owner.

2004-07-19 14:19:20 ET

Big HUGS to my dear Beetle.

2004-07-19 14:19:42 ET

I was sympathetic up until the weasels, then you lost me.

Still sympathetic though.

2004-07-19 15:20:43 ET

seems that a lot of bad stuff is going on all at once. i know those days, dont let them bring you down though, cuz all of it is shit. take care of yourself.

2004-07-19 16:32:50 ET

aiee, that's so sad

2004-07-19 22:31:52 ET

scott, i've got eight ferrets at my house right now.

2004-07-23 18:25:45 ET

HOLLY HELL! Wanna gimme one?

2004-07-24 11:20:34 ET


5 of them aren't mine. i'm fert-sitting.

2004-07-25 17:07:01 ET

Well poo.

Still sympathetic though.

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