2004-08-08 16:11:33 ET

i'm really just not feeling life right now.

i hung out with javier which makes me happy. even though all we do is kiss and sleep. granted we both don't have money to do amazing things. ocassionally we might eat some food or play life. things are simple. he's wonderful. i want to take things slow and keep things simple but at the same time i wouldn't mind falling head over heals. i can't get attached i know. i'm just happy things are now instead of before when i was geeky and 17. three years. he feels lecherous. i told him he was waiting for me to become legal. pervert.

i suppose i'm allowed to feel like shit considering. but still. i'm gonna make dreads. that's always good times.

then i'll have big hair. and you can't be all that sad with big hair. xxoxo

2004-08-08 18:27:24 ET

yay for dreads...
i'm waiting on mine from predator, than I can be as happy as you heh or something...

2004-08-08 21:19:11 ET

you rock!
seriously, i talked about you a lot this evening. all wonderful things, & all true.

2004-08-08 22:16:28 ET

thank you ian. i love you and i miss you ian.

2004-08-08 22:56:25 ET

Glad to hear you're feeling better !

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