2004-08-11 21:46:02 ET

everything was going so nice today. then we sat down to play some monopoly. someone said something that reminded me of hyatt. i tried to sit it out, but i had to get up and then go to bathroom i washed my face with cold water and proceeded back out to the kitchen. cold washing helps me gain control of things.

now i just feel like crap. javier left me some music, i should listen to it.

tonight there is a meteor shower. i wish he didn't leave so soon. i would have wanted to cuddle in my yard staring at the sky. he smells likes cloves which is really comforting. </sap>

on monday i hung out with joe, we went to the mall i got a new wallet, a phone book, and a new eyeshadow, i'm going for the gross sick look. i'll take some photos for tomarrow.

i also bought sock garters which are fucking sexy.

i want to be this close to you.

2004-08-12 04:43:56 ET

gross sick look? as in cancer sick, or druggy sick?

2004-08-12 05:13:30 ET

meow! :hugs and luv:

2004-08-13 11:14:18 ET

meteor shower could not be witnessed in my backyard...there's too many crack pipes bein' lit in my neighborhood!

everything i read the name javier i think of how he must smell of cloves.

i think i might be insane.

2004-08-13 11:48:35 ET

starry: you didn't miss too much. it wasn't that spectacular of a show. you know it's probably a good assumption of javiers.

you know, i think i might be insane too.

2004-08-15 17:29:45 ET

well at least that's squared away!


<3 sandy

2004-08-25 12:24:10 ET

Forgive the intrusion of empathy... but I completely understand the sting that comes with associating small things/words/smells with people who have made an impact. My weakness is butterball bathbombs from Lush, though I'm not sure if they make me want to cry or laugh right now.

2004-08-26 10:34:10 ET

no intrusion at all dear.

i catch smells, words, etc. all the time. i won't let them make me sad, instead i remember something wonderful about hyatt which makes me smile. i miss her greatly and i don't want to turn her memory into something i don't want to think about. cause she's too amazing to shove out of my head.

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