2004-08-13 10:06:03 ET

i'm obssessed with string quartet tribute albumns.

oh, and the new faint albumn is fucking amazing. the best yet.

2004-08-13 11:55:24 ET

oh oh what else? who's faint?

2004-08-13 16:32:24 ET

string quartet tribute albums are fun.
you should listen to: instrumental acoustek


they are awesome!!

they do a collection of covers of well-known electronic songs: such as moby, orbital etc..

2004-08-13 17:08:46 ET

woo,the cure's tribute album is neat!

2004-08-13 17:44:09 ET

i'll definately have to pick that up! i like what ive heard from them.

2004-08-14 12:16:59 ET

The faint bores me! rargh!

2004-08-14 20:10:45 ET

i am also addicted w/ the tributes.
i have been useing them at school.

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