2004-08-17 17:09:31 ET

i had a really nice weekend. it was the weekend of meeting javier's friends. i was kept busy. which is good. cause if i sit for too long my brain thinks. which is bad.

perversion was fun, although lots of people seemed in not as friendly moods. apparently some kind of drama was going around. i missed all of it mostly because i danced 95% of the entire night.

went to see a band called ashberry at the echo. i had a good time and the band was really cute. i had never been to the echo before and there seemed to be all sorts of drama with the door people. they started restricting people coming in, so javier's friends didn't get in till after the band. we ended up sitting on the patio most of the night and chatted. ended up back and my place and slept. you'd be suprised how well we fit sleepng on my tiny couch. no one has fallen off yet. it's amazing.

on saturday we went out to torrance to do kareoke. i didn't sing, considering it was a room full of people i had met for the first time. i'm crazy, but it's be easier to sing infront of friends or completely anonymous people. joe showed up and we chatted out in front. this was the second night javier's lady friends gave him the tease. it was amusing. there was lots of bonjovi and poison.

sunday we ended up hanging out with some nice people from alabama. their names completely escape me. they were quite cool. we ended up seeing manchurian canidate. which was total shit. blorg. but it was better than the alternative harold and kumar's trip to brain numbing death. i would have commited seppeku in the theater if we would have ended up seeing it. we went out for sushi afterwards, which made me the happiest camper ever.

monday was spent with vinnicole and joe. i had a fabu time. we went out for italian then headed to the theater for AVP! the film was great. soo great. i loved it. predator action was totally hot. and the lead is soo kick ass. plus, we had the sassiest black women watching with us, and their commentary alone made it like 3 times funnier and better. "oo! he mad!" after the film we headed to the same italian place for dessert. which i really enjoyed, spent the time talking with nicole and just having an overall good time. ended up heading back to my place after dessert and had a fab time talking to joe about all sorts of things. i think we ended up sitting in his car talking for three hours. i came in and pranced around on the computer. then headed to bed.

today has been incredibly uneventful. i'm thinking i should clean my room. that'd be a good idea. i want my room back.

2004-08-18 08:56:20 ET

I keep trying to click that little power button in the middle of your bio.

Like maybe this time it will do something.

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