never enough.
2004-09-22 13:36:48 ET

school is rocking. i love all of my teachers. i see inthia twice a week and things are great.

i'm usually very busy with school teusday through thursday. the weekends i cram as much as possible into them. i become suffocating i know. but it's because i like enjoying things while they last.

two weekends ago:

friday night i was invited to hyatt's parents house for a get together. it was very nice and it is no suprise that such a wonderful person was shaped by them. hyatt's mother made us an amazing dinner. i ate a full row of the world's greatest baclava. the night was beautiful yet very draining.

saturday: tiki extravaganza. i had a blast. consumed much of the tiki god. *twitch* i really just had a good time. ate some bbq, chatted, kissed, and made faces. good times indeed. let's talk about the half a watermelon i consumed. yes, half. *rubs tummy* (megan i'm going to stab the bajesus out of you for not coming.) after the party we headed over to a backyard light shit on fire thing. straight boys talk about sexing things in the ass and more homo stuff than the fags i hang out with. i seriously wanted to tell these boys they are all super gay. but of course they are like super homophobic and all weigh at least 250 lbs. so i kept my mouth shut. but it's ok, cause they only hang out with each other and talk about ass sex. fags. it wasn't really any suprise as to why no ladies were there. no, no. please make another joke about women and vaginas. :/ came home and cuddled.

sunday: woke up with the cuddles, and like usual being extemely awake and giddy. i blame the sexay boy kissing my cheek. threw a sexy shirt at javier and headed out to brenda's pool party. (clicking let's you see me in a bathing suit and my soon to be filled birth crater) swimming was done and much food was consumed. however, most of the time was spent laughing my ass off at jason riding various objects down the slide. good times! omar's birthday dinner proceeded. even though he didn't eat. it was tiring and a resturant setting wasn't what i was looking for. booop! i had to drive the man home and was nearly killed, by a fucking huge ass semi that was doing 80. i know this to be true because i was barely passing him at like 85. completely not cool.

monday: uneventful, but i had sushi. 2 spicy tuna rolls, a california roll, and a fatty yellowtail roll.

teusday: went to kabuki sushi, the night over all was pretty the funk. but i did eat two spicy tuna rolls and some unagi. viva. i was in a bad mood, and by the time inthia and i got there everyone was finished. :/ i headed home. we also decided that the next weekend we would go to SF.

wednesday/thursday: school and plans.

san fransisco pictures: smash / edgar

friday: packing and getting ready for SF. after work javier headed over cause i hadn't seen him all week. and i wouldn't be seeing him during the weekend. :/ we had to pick inthia from work and when we got back to my place i cut his hair. he has a cute mohawk now that gives me the fever. plans were a bit shakey and we didn't end up leaving till seven thirty or so. the car ride was completely entertaining. we ended up stopping twice before we had even hit half way. finally hit san jose and our place to stay for the night. ended up staying in mountainview. i thought i would have never gone to mountainview ever again. ended up drinking some rum and coke and giggling like mad with inthia. you honestly wouldn't be suprised with the crap we came up with. 45-45 BITCH.

saturday: kids got ready and i took a shower. we decided we would catch breakfast and then head to SF. not without a pit stop to the haunted toys'r'us in sunnyvale. finally ended up in SF. spent the day getting lost in the city. which got us to treasure island, fisherman's wharf, and the castro. in the castro we got a call from simone and we headed over. the night was a total blast did some jager shots, rasberry vodka and lemonade, etc. was pretty tipsy which made for an entertaining time. spent most of the evening giggling at others. finally attempted to go to bed at about 4:30.

sunday: only to wake up at seven thirty and still drunk. but so was everyone else. got breakfast and sat with some charming older women. breakfast was tasty and then headed out with simone, jonathon, and inthia on a crash and fast trip of SF. spent most of that fearing for my life and laughing hystericaly. the day pretty much was spent lounging and sleeping. around six we finally got up again and went to have dinner. ended back up at simone's watching TV and eating pizza. we were all super tired and went to sleep at about ten or eleven.

monday: woke up, got ready and hit the road. the road trip back home was fun. i got to drive and took the kids through santa barabra and ventura. i had previously told the kids about the haunted stretch of highway on the 126. they have found indian remains at least twice while working on the highway. so after hitting a fruit stand we hit the stretch of highway. i informed them this is where it happened. and justlike it was scripted the stereo turned it's self down, then a few seconds later it skipped to the next song, and at the end of a flock of seagulls turned its self nearly al the way down. which was follewed with a general, "WTF?!" after dropping inthia off we ended up going to dinner with curt. i demand more pineapple fried rice.

teuaday: filled with school, bad dreams, and just being in a rather upset state. everything was pretty much hitting me again. i had a horrible dream about hyatt. which made me cry nearly all morning. and then in french class. the mood just sent me into a compeltely tailspin. which i hate, i don't like feeling like everything is soo bad and wanting to explode. ended up going to curt's house to hang out with inthia, smash, curt, and edgar. which was nice. considering i had been in such a shitty mood all day. ended up getting home late and then staying up late in an even worse mood. i couldn't sleep. i was soo scared of going to sleep again and having more bad dreams. i finally did end up passing out and thankfully the night was filled with dreams but not of the bad sort. just of the usual strange nature.

and so today will be filled with studying for french and sitting around.

2004-09-22 14:38:25 ET

sounds like you had lots of fun! xoxo

2004-09-22 18:57:01 ET

saturday was the most hilarious...and your pix are amazing!!! <333

so which person (in the pix) is javier???

2004-09-22 19:30:40 ET

javier is in the tiki photos. he didn't go with us to san fran..

2004-09-22 19:34:40 ET

oh btw, ginny in a bikini = teh massive sexy

2004-09-22 19:49:57 ET

ha ha. i'm like fluffy.

2004-09-22 20:19:33 ET

girl you want to see FLUFFY, ill show you FLUFFY!

2004-09-23 08:22:59 ET

thats a really rad pic of you guys....and can we say hottieS!!! the both of you!!! <333

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