holly shit, oh yeah, this is it.
2004-10-22 00:11:25 ET

so much shit has happened it's not even worth recapping. but i'll give you a brief summary.

- birthday mostly crappy, with a brief spit of sunshine.
- REM. fucking amazingly fun. so many famous people, had my chance to get with jake gyllenhaal and passed it up.
- single again.
- been fighting a bad depression. i think about how much i really wouldn't care if i just closed my eyes and let go of my steering wheel. but then i realize how fucked up it is to be thinking about it, and then how fucked up it is to realize how many times i have had that head conversation with myself. i am far too rational to be suicidal.
- birthday party: fun and much alcohol. i actually cried at my birthday party. found out i had a secret lover. who knew?
- abandoment of self.
- personal growth.
- drama.
- underwear, tasty body powder, + friends. i taste like lime.
- alice cooper tomarrow night.
- being in love with my friends.
- getting loaded at dasbunker. <3 <3 free CD!
- love of friends increasing one million percent.

thank you nicole, vinny, joe, inthia, eva, jake, smash, edgar, curt, melissa, chris, scott, rod, nox, beth, eric, jenny, kim, dana, sam, javier, tony, pants, tosh, tricia, seamus, carina, batman, mike, becca, n2cole, jay, heather, brenda. dave, jenners, simone, joe, ben, ben's GF, omar, marie, david, ina, chuck, nick, gary, my parents, betty, oliver, alex, mary, and the people who couldn't make it.

it's because of you i can say my 21 birthday was the greatest.

2004-10-22 05:33:21 ET


jake gyllenhaal? :|

Are you fucking serious? He's so fucking hawt.

The birthday pics are cool, lot's of fun drunkeness there. You kind of look like a cross between ashley judd and angelina jolie (although they kind of look the same), lucky girl!

2004-10-22 09:11:29 ET

<3 <3 <3

2004-10-22 10:41:26 ET

wow. that was a very well documented birthday!
glad you had fun. :D happy belated [if i didn't say so before].

[just because its true: i'm typing at the library, and a moth/termite totally just flew right into the monitor. now its kinda dazed and walking around the desk....]

2004-10-22 11:05:48 ET

rxgirl: yeah, i saw him. i should have gone up to him, but i couldn't.

nicole: <3 <3 <3 <3 xoxoxooxxox

oub: it was quite fun, everyone thought i had a strobe system up cause of all the flashing. thanks dear!

2004-10-28 16:14:16 ET

hey ginny,

happy birthday, im bummed i couldnt make it! next time !

glad to see you had a good one :]

2004-10-28 16:31:40 ET

hope your ok. :D

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