2004-12-13 17:40:05 ET

beetle necklace where are you?

i'm naked without my trade mark necklace.

boo ya! i found it.

2004-12-13 18:37:25 ET

oh man i was here for the whole thing. it was intense.

also: hows the paypal fund going?

2004-12-13 18:40:01 ET

Is it one of those necklaces with made with a real beetle?

2004-12-13 20:07:23 ET

sir: it was intense

vix: yes. but i found it. *prance!*

2004-12-13 23:58:16 ET

i still want 1 w/ a spider or sumfin.

2004-12-14 16:13:41 ET


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