2005-09-12 09:16:03 ET

As far as time stands it, I'm still living with my boyfriend in burbank. We live in this swanky house. The past weekend I've been boxing up all of my stuff at parents house. The moving back in over there is more towards december now, at best.

I had a trip planned to europe this october but it fell through. I'll be enjoying europe in the spring however. This october I turn 22. It's quite strange.

I'm still working at what is the best job ever, enjoying life emmensely. In two weeks construction starts at our new building. I can't wait to move in there. We'll be moving hopefully next febuary or sooner.

I'm planning the art and style of my first tattoo. Which will live on my back.

2005-09-12 12:58:38 ET

I think you and that boyfriend of yours should have a party, and it should involve that electrical shocker game thingy and hentai.

2005-09-17 20:32:20 ET


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