information overload.
2002-12-22 23:50:28 ET

meaningless information about me. you will be quized later.

i'm a vegitarian. i try to eat all organic to the best of my ability. this would be possible if i was on my own. my reasons are health issues as well as moral ones. granted if this diet ever made me sick i would give it up.

i live with my parents and two sisters in sunland, ca. essentially LA. on the outskirts over the hill from everything. positvies: i have air, mountains, and snow (in the winter) negatives: i live pretty far away from everything.

i don't drive. well as of yet. that will be needing to change soon.

i work at hot topic. yes, start snickering. but a. i love my job. b. i love my job. its retail, they don't care how i look, and it isn't an office job. i've paid my toll to the photocopy machine.

my favorite colour is lime green or yellow.

my musical tastes range from the absurd to the brillant and everything inbetween. although i don't really listen to classical. but pretty much everything else is game.

the last movie i saw in the theater was either ballistic or formula 51. please for the sake of your time (as long as you value life) don't see either of these films.

i frequent the goth/industrial club perversion. you can catch me in one of four places. a. industrial room b. smoking patio c. bathroom d. in transit to previously mentioned.

i go to school at a local community college. viva la gcc. i'm attempting to get my GE requirements out of the way, but am losing the battle to distractions like art or make-up designory school.

i plan on becoming a crazy art teacher and comfortably living till i can get my masters. i'm not aiming for the millions, i just want to comfortable. because most of all i want to happy.

i currently do not identify with any religion. although i do have my morals and weird things i believe in. i don't push anything i believe in on people. cause what's right for me can be wrong for you.

i have eight piercings. piercings consist of:
.nostril 18 gauge
.ceptum 14 gauge
.4 in ear ear. two @ 1 gauge. two @ 14 gauge.
.industrial (yes how k0r3 am i.) 14g left ear.

i have zero tattoos. although i have been considering some ideas. frankly, i change my likes and dislikes too much to have something permenantly attached to my body.

i live in the attic and during the summer i fight wasps.

my political views vary, but they mostly fall in the range of being some sort of leftist. i'd like to say i'm anti-consumerism but at this point i can't say that with out being a total hipocrit in my actions. i'd like to strive to being closer to it.

i'm not a fan of most holidays. i like halloween but have not participated in it for the past few years. i don't like x-mas. new years is a neutral holiday kinda.

i have had 2 boyfriends. dated three boys (which never progressed to anything remotely serious). i have had a reasonable amount of crushes. have had my hear broken only once. and have been disappointed in a few.

i'm a fairly smart kid. but procrastination and laziness can get the best out of me.

i've never read a book and felt completely satisfied with it. although mind you, i don't read as often as i would like.

my favourite artists (a small selection) consist of: roy lichenstein, floria sigismondi, joel-peter witkin, robert parke harrison, betty cobb, my friends, brute, & andy warhol...

i have visited san fransisco, monterey, san diego, colombus & cleveland ohio, las vegas, and tijuana / rosarito / encinada mexico. i lived in new york. which was an amazing experience.

2002-12-23 02:25:46 ET

i found that quite interesting. welcome to and stuff

2002-12-23 03:58:52 ET

Welcome darling...:)

2002-12-23 04:33:19 ET

Yeah. Like your style of writing.. Welcome to the collective.

2002-12-23 04:40:25 ET

Do you know the other LA PERVERSION frequenters on SK?

2002-12-23 04:48:08 ET

Welcome, wow I actually read trough all that hehe.
Brute ownz

2002-12-23 05:03:49 ET

welcome to subkultures.
nice long bio.

2002-12-23 07:14:35 ET

why, STORM, we allll know each other. Ginny helped my silverize my room. She r0x0rs.

2002-12-23 07:46:40 ET

long post, but it held my attention (as well as everyone elses obviously)...

tres bien.

2002-12-23 07:58:53 ET


2002-12-23 08:11:53 ET

keep it in the fambly, STORM!! :)

2002-12-23 08:14:53 ET

Oh, I intend to...
::drums fingers on desk meditatively::

2002-12-23 08:51:09 ET

drumming fingers---are you channelling "Secretary"? ;)

2002-12-23 08:53:09 ET

If I wasn't, I'd be missing out on a lot of money these days.

2002-12-23 09:13:20 ET

your peanut butter is getting in my chocolate again!!! :P

2002-12-23 10:07:53 ET

...all over. :)

2002-12-23 10:39:29 ET

read it all, and welcome.

2002-12-25 19:32:59 ET

aww. thankies all. i tend to babel a bit much, which is a total problem. and type like how i speak. so unfortunitely there are periods and comas where they shouldn't be. i think it gets my point across.

storm: i do know some. but certainly not all. but that's only a matter of time i'm telling you. soon. the infestation is already taking place.

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