side one.
2002-12-25 20:45:24 ET

i'm currently cuddled up. wrapped like a fly in a spiders web. suffocating in fleece blanket.

generally i'd be upset. cause i don't like x-mas, and actually yesturday was feeling rather "bleh" about it.

i'm huddled up here in berkley enjoying the fabulous cold weather. in an amazing house. my uncle just purchased this house on a hill, with a view to die for. if it wasn't cloudy and pitch black (minor technicalities) i would be able to see the golden gate bridge and all of the bay. i'm thinking this is somewhere i could definitely live.

tomarrow we get to do some exploring in berkley, hopefully i'll get to visit the pop gothic here. maybe cruise by the college. stare at what a real college looks like, maybe roam about and pretend i'm an actual college student. as for friday we will be taking a trip into san fransisco, i plan on getting x-mas boots of some sort. or maybe just entirely pigging out and getting more un-needed clothes. which sounds completely insane coming out of my mouth. or rather fingers if you would like to get techinical. not that i'm a slave to fashion, entirely. i just like dressing up. so we'll see. you'll get the report and you can point your finger in disgust. and i'll make a note-worthy exuse.

my parents house in LA was over run by the fragrence of lillies, which made my sister explode with muccus. so the flowers have fufilled their duties three fold. not only to they make me happy, they killed my sister, and make the house smell pretty. oddly enough they seem to have drunk some eternal-life fountain water. because they look as nice as the day that i got them, even though it had been five or six days. and hopefully when i get home they will still be nice. i was thinking of setting them in clear plastic.

also for tomarrow i am thinking of becoming tiny haired. taking out the dreds. washing my actual hair. possibly bleaching or dying my hair. i'm thinking of dying my hair black and getting all black dreds put in later. i'm also being tempted to mohawk my hair again. note: i've never had a mohawk but get tempted to cut my hair, every couple of months. so we'll see.

on the car ride up, i was dictated to put in some music realzing i only brought the really annoying stuff with me (stuff that my parents wouldn't like, mind you) i popped in this mixed cd i made. skip the revolting cocks, and hit track two, "and one". just as i am about to skip it my mom tells me to keep it on. flash a couple seconds later to my enitre family in a windsor minivan barrelling up the 5 north at 90 miles an hour rocking out "and one". the cutest part was my mom, in the front seat, bouncing about. favourite memory ever.

2002-12-25 20:56:52 ET

Sounds full and busy.

2002-12-26 09:40:47 ET

im so glad that you are having a nice time up there, because you were saying how you were having second thoughts about going. i hope youre having a good holiday with your family and you are missed.

and if you like clothes, buy clothes! dont feel guilty or wonder what other people think of it. just be true to yourself and be happy.


2002-12-26 16:01:18 ET

love you nicole. <3

i hope your holiday has been fabulous. can't wait to get back and see you all. we'll have to do an SF trip.

2002-12-26 21:56:53 ET


i knocked over the sloans xmas tree and broke it :*<**

2002-12-27 08:12:19 ET

its good that you showed em. viva la x-mas tree resistance!!! i'd knock over a x-mas tree too if i could. but we don't have one here. maybe instead i'll just attack that pine tree over there. hmm.

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