2002-12-27 22:03:17 ET

sloth in it's finest form.

and it doesn't get any better than this.

yesturday, i lounged about all day. and then ate some food. i know. but you wanna know what. its the first day i've managed to get to do that.

today we went into the city of berkley. telegraph st. to be exact. an uber hipster joint. i spied on the locals. bought a polka-dot dress. i'm saving the brick for SF. and went to the ameoba here. bought $77 worth of cd's. i'd tell you what i bought. but... wait. what the hell.

:depeche mode-exciter
:david bowie-black tie/white noise
:madonna-die another day (single)
:peaches-teaches of peaches (expanded us version)
:the cardigans-first band on the moon
:stereolab-dots and loops

its great. cause now i've got all the songs all nice and purty. *prances* don't ever stand between a girl and her madonna.

the street is uber cute, filled with nice little shops. just a great over all place to hang out. especially to people watch. everyones very cool. and they don't really have that uppity LA snob thing to them. i can't really think of thing right now. my mind is sorta turnin into mush. arhg.

i had alot of time to some thinking the past few days. its been really nice. now, mind you. i haven't exactly been having total epiphanies about my life. but i've just realized alot of stuff. i'm kinda happy with myself. which is nice. although. my hair needs to change.

i forgot to mention this:
" [26 Dec 2002|09:22pm] i have spent the last few hours of my life, removing my dred extensions and brushing out my actual dreds. i have lost a huge amount of hair. and can only fear what will result once it dries. i think i am going to dye it black, and attempt to grow a new head of hair, of course i will be putting back in my dred extesions. i can even imagine how weird i'm gonna look with at least half my hair missing. granted its still past my shoulders but the volume has been cut down signifigantly. possibly tomarrow while venturing into the city, i'll pick up some fake hair, black hair dye, and some rubber bands. this little lesson is making me want to cut my hair and straighten it. something i will probably regret even more. time to look at quinstars page, and pray to god i can fix this before i return to LA. "

so, regrettin takin them out? fake dreds yes. real dreds no.

do you know what it is like to wash your hair after... *thinks* three months plus? its kinda gross. i don't advice it. at least i can scratch my head without getting my nails filled with skin and oil. plus this means people can get close to my head without wanting to dause me in fabreeze.

i'm starting to get a bit homesick. missing my friends, and wanting to go out. i just really wanna go out and play. or watch zim and sizzle.

2002-12-27 22:09:46 ET

Black tie/White Noise has some kick ass songs.

2002-12-27 22:11:10 ET

i feel ya.

nicole with extensions: "goddamn i cant wait to get these extensions out! why must my scalp be a breeding ground for greasy lumps of dead flesh?!"

nicole directly after taking out extensions and washing hair: "ahhh."

nicole, day after extension removal: "WHY AM I NO LONGER FABULOUS. :ties banana to head:"

repeat ad infinitum

2002-12-27 22:17:22 ET

nicole, lets get together. we can do each others hair. cause right now, if i don't get something utterly fabu i'm gonna explode, i wanna do all black with yellow and green and plasitc. i NEED it. argh. *rips out eyes*

2002-12-28 08:05:05 ET

im lookin at an all black tubing sorta deal.

i merely need to purchase the tubing.

but i am afraid of going to do-it center, and being all, "you there! cut me 100 feet of this black tubing! so it can go on my head!"

we should do summin'. i want to put rexlace on someones head, because it looked retarded on me. i smell hairparty

2002-12-28 08:31:24 ET

lets have a threesum :< i want a tube hawk.

2002-12-28 13:13:16 ET

well i get back sunday so i say we make a date for sometime this week. i'll need to buy everything, fake hair, tubing, rexlace, and the like. and then we can all go to town.

rust: OOooo. i need to get my tubing on also. i want craziness.

twin: viva. we'll be definitely having a dork hair fest.

2002-12-28 16:42:55 ET

its a go! i still have to shop around too. find some neat things to braid to my tiny hair. then the (madness/magic) begins.

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