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2002-12-29 15:53:19 ET

beetleginny goes to the big city.

i'd like to imagine i'm madeline. today the family and i went to san fransisco. i got to ride across the bay bridge for the first time.

out first stop was chinatown. now, i wasn't exactly too sure why we went there. but we did. i got to play navigator. i was actaully doing quite well at navigating us through the city. cheers to me.

chinatowns everywhere have this smell. its a very disticnt smell. a smell that frankly make me nautious. so i tnd to have to grin and bear it while we are visiting a chinatown.

i ment to buy some candied ginger. but i missed my window of opputunity. soon after we headed over to haight street. ultra hip place, and has the same type of feeling like telegraph in bezerkly. we went through a couple stores, i saw lots of cute stuff but nothing that fit me. for once, my boobs were big. usually i can't fill something, not the case today. however, once we got into the buffalo exchange my luck changed. i picked up four very cyber-esque dresses/tops. and a pair of plugs that i thought would fit. but they are a little bit too big for my 2 gauges.

i've had quite a nice amount of time to think about things. which has been nice. i've been too busy to sit down and actaully think about the things that have been going on around me. things aren't that bad. and are actaully pretty well.
i had a boyfriend who was terribly afraid of being comfortable with someone. now, not completely outward in his actions, but just semi-minor things.

a. absolutely zero PDA, i broke him down to where he would let me hold his hand. and i think we may have hugged a few times. but before that, zero nothing.

b. we were once watching SFU, and brenda went to the bathroom infront of nate. and the boy freaked out. he just thought that was sooooo weird and gross.

c. he couldn't brush his teeth infront of me. oh, and he also refused to use my toothbrush. even after he had been staying at my house for days on end. i just found this weird, cause i mean, we kissed. i do rinse my tooth brush off. and my placgue wouldn't exactly burn through his head. besides its less hygenic to not brush your teeth than share someone elses toothbrush. (good point from brian)

i was thinking about my level of comfortability with people. and i'd say it can get pretty dang high. sometimes what freaks me out is how quickly it happens. now mind you i think i have about five levels. most people exist at a two. good friends three/four. i don't think i've ever reached five with someone. i don't know what brought that on exactly. i was just thinking maybe i'm not so abnormal after all.

i had another thing i wanted to type out, but my brain has lost it.

2002-12-29 16:07:29 ET

unique boyfriend there

2002-12-29 17:15:11 ET


2002-12-29 20:10:25 ET

he was kind of a complete freak, rereading that. and to think of all the stuff i didn't put in there. :/ !!

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