2003-01-03 23:50:19 ET

i've been floating about LA for a few days. thankful to be back home.

the night we got back, i left the house to hang out with brian the instant i became available. we headed over to the pig. and being the brillant girl i am. i decided to get a double mocha. caffeine = bad idea. considering i had slept a large percentage of the way home. i was already going to stay up late, but this double mocha just completely screwed me out of getting any sleep.

(insert side note: "while i was sleeping on the way home, i was awoken, to a quick swurve, a panic frenzy, and a bunch of cussing. my eyes open to the trailer of what is a particularly large semi-truck, hauling mysterious items draped in black. after a brief de-roading, and gaining control. i inquire as to what is going on. essentially two trucks, that look exactly the same have been playing cat and mouse with three or so mini-vans. apparently we were number two on the to-kill list. the first van speeded by the truck and only swurved a slight bit. the second mini-van (me + family) had to swurve and slightly drive in the dirt on the side of the road. van number three, had to completely swurve to miss the swurving truck and ended up completely off the road. after things calmed down, i went back to sleep.)

we sat over by the pool table, and chatted. mindlessly watching a group of men play pool. after the q-ball started to fly all over the place, we decided it was time to head out. we were first gonna catch LoTR TT, but at about eleven i don't think they are gonna have any shows for a three hour film. we headed back up to my area, and after a series of coups and my utter resistance. brian finally gave up on wanting me to drive his car. so we headed back to my house, and ended up sitting in the car staring out his moon roof at the sky, talking. until, i thought a planet was a satelte and swore it was moving. brian became a moon roof nazi and close it. eventaully when i was back open, more insanity pursued. i kept him up past his bed time, and ran into my house.

funny thing was, i ended up talking to him more on the internet when he got home. 5 a.m. rolls by and i had to be up at ten. :/ ewwwwww.

teusday: well. new years eve. the day was filled with insanity, mostly due to a lack of sleep. but then again these days i don't seem to get much of it at all. i had work and then came home. and stared at my dog. realizing i had to get ready for darren's party, i slithered into my room. making friends with a few wasps that have decided to have a fatal ending vacation in my room. after sleuthing about i pick out an outfit, and attack the phone. enough time to shower throw on some make-up and put on some boots. brian arrives and we head on down to the city of burbank. we spend most of time outside and in the kitchen. i became friends with a bowl of m&m's (death to lilac m&m's) and some chips n salsa. i think at one point we actaully nerded everyone out of the backyard by attempting to figure out if a bright light in the sky was saturn or not. there was a trampoline, and i was tempted, but then looked down at the 20i boots and vetoed against that idea. the new year came and it was quite anti-climactic. then again, i really just don't get it. a few hugs were shared with some friends of friends, mainly really nice people. so after all the hooplay, we headed back inside. my hands froze. had a nice converation with darren, drank a little cham-pag-nea, and watched brian play pool. brian and i headed over to his house to watch some movies and chill. unfortunitely, appliances can be tempermental bitches, and i can be a sleepy kitty. so we didn't get to finish "resevoir dogs". ended up crashing.

new years day: series of phone calls, and ended up going late to work. weeeeeee. viva! it was entirely impossible for me to get up. after some tasty coco's it was time for work. the day went by pretty quick. and i was home, for some good sleeping action.

thrusday: brian came over, we finished watching "way of the gun" and "resevoir dogs". we had a slurpee break, and pranced like idiots (ok, not really. we ended up driving.) down to the 7-11. we probably looked like drug addicts, the cashier gave me a nasty look, but it may have been the stupid grin i had on my face. either or. then it was two/three-ish episodes of insomniac with dave attel, saturday night live, and conan o'brien. then it was time becaues we were both falling asleep. so like the responible person i am, i let him drive home.

friday: work. but i got to play with a ferret tonight so, i'm good.

i was listening to some madonna, and was thinking that alot of the stuff i like are "guilty pleasures". you know. stuff you know you shouldn't like but just do. how many exactly can you think of? cause i've got quite a list. viva crappy pop.

2003-01-04 05:04:52 ET

sounds like you guys had some fun times =D!

2003-01-04 06:23:28 ET


:peeks at gallery o fun:

yikes, its Beetleginny Through the Ages! i am appreciative!

i do not know how i feel about these fucking lilac m&ms though.. there are just some areas of this universe that should remain uncharted

2003-01-04 11:16:36 ET

well, now the only thing that divides us from confusing plain m&ms and skittles are a. brown m&m's b. a tiny grey "s" or "m". certainly when i go to grab a handful of candy i'm not gonna be checking to what it is.. and dammit getting chocolate when expecting fruit (or vice versa) is horrid.

2003-01-05 13:11:39 ET

guilty pleasures? ohhhh no. those are good pleasures to be reveled in. welcome back.

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