dance dance perversion
2003-01-16 19:38:50 ET

i'm going to perversion tonight to get my dance on.

2003-01-16 19:40:02 ET

you're really pretty... i just thought i'd stop to say that

2003-01-16 20:35:40 ET

so, tell me more of this perversion...

2003-01-17 03:04:34 ET

I'm going to work tonight to get my freezing-my-ass-off on.

2003-01-17 03:42:00 ET

i'm goin to school to do the same thing!!!

2003-01-17 03:53:57 ET

If your ass really does come off, can I have it?

2003-01-17 04:03:21 ET


2003-01-17 04:03:32 ET

kinda big but you can still have it

2003-01-17 04:33:18 ET

Baby got back!

2003-01-17 06:37:13 ET

I lost mine in the great frost of '86... *tear*

2003-01-17 15:40:50 ET

majin: perversion is an industrial/goth club located in hollywood, ca. i think la's biggest industrial club. fun place to go dance and socialize.
OOoo. asses.

2003-01-17 19:50:32 ET

hell yeah i do...

i was born in '86

2003-01-17 22:00:18 ET

ohhh i see. there's this lame ass thing here called club perversion or whatever. i think it was dance music. very frightening. not that i thought you were going to it since you live down there. just thinking aloud.

2003-01-19 09:36:22 ET

did you save your eye brows? your make up looks good!

2003-01-19 21:28:44 ET

alex, i have very tiny eyebrows, well the same as before, except now they are blonde. so they are psuedo less noticible.

2003-01-19 21:51:32 ET

i have blonde eyebrows... they suck

2003-01-20 10:46:43 ET

i like having the blonde eyebrows, expecially because they blend in with my skin tone, so its easy to pencil them in, and if i wanted i could dye them...

2003-01-20 10:49:26 ET

yeah i only like them for they fact that after you pluck or wax them you can't see them growing in...

but pencil can take forever to get it even if you're having a bad eyebrow day, and i used to dye mine all the time but sometimes certian patches of hair don't take to the dye as well as others, so you still have to pencil.

2003-01-20 12:42:11 ET

your hair kicks much ass, ginny.

2003-01-20 13:48:34 ET

oh thank you! you can see my hair better in this picture:

punk rock: yes, the infamous bad eyebrow days. the ones where you pencil them in and you look either way too suprised or like your making that one eyebrow up one down jim carey face. :/ 0_o like that. except with eyebrows..

2003-01-20 14:18:11 ET

what kind of dye did you use on your hair?

2003-01-20 14:49:06 ET

uber: the light green is punky colour's spring green. the grass green colour is fudge's "lime spyder".

i highly recommend fudge, the stuff sticks and has a unbelievable vibrancy to it.

2003-01-20 14:52:25 ET

nifty. a friend recommended Fudge to me one time, I had forgotten about it 'til now! thanks =D

2003-01-20 16:10:47 ET

wow.... your hair is awesome.

yeah, and then the fact that your face is different on each side is just such a pain in the ass... because you finally get the eyebros exactly right and then you look at the rest of your face and you look like a mutant

2003-01-20 16:23:28 ET

holy shit ginny! that picture [the perversion one] makes it look like you have about fifty arms! .. or four arms

one is at a rakish angle at your back, one is clutching a drink, one is in front of you and one is protruding from your neck

sooo many arms.
cute lady.

2003-01-20 16:25:46 ET

lol, that picture had beel left open on my screen and i was just thinking the exact same thing

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