oatmeal = productiveness
2003-01-20 11:50:21 ET

right now, carina and i are eatin oatmeal. i decided to puty on some beck and chilloat. we are listening to a song titled "debra". funny thing is that this song can apply to us in certain situation. here's the essential part that pretty much sums it up.

"i wanna get with you
and your sister
i think her name's Debra"

i'd go into detail about this but its quite the story. so i'll give you a briefing.

i dated a boy. we broke up. he was crazy. (in that bad way) after a week, he told my sister that he liked her and was only dating me to "get into the family" thing. (NOTE: we aren't rich.) apparently carina is "the pretty one." after learning this information my sister we proceed to giggle for about thirty minutes and made some hot chocolate. she was quite disgusted. and it was funny.

while chit chatting over oatmeal. i started singing and changed the lyrics to "goose" and then carina brought up the question:

"wouldn't it be weird if your face got pecked off by birds?"

yeah, that'd be kinda weird but i think its more funny, than weird.

insert dialogue:

i pull out a new shiney madonna cd.
carina: "OOo. what else did you get?"
me: "your mom."
carina: "..what?"

that's comedy.

2003-01-20 12:08:17 ET

haha, i know a song by this band "kompressor" that goes like that... its funny as fuck if its the same song that your talking about.

2003-01-20 12:15:16 ET

It's the same song...the Kompressor in Action version is much better though IMHO.


2003-01-20 12:19:51 ET

gotcha, lol

2003-01-20 13:13:49 ET

the song is a cover, kompressor ain't that rad to come up with a song like that. viva beck.

2003-01-20 13:30:12 ET

hah, ohh i see

2003-01-20 13:43:10 ET

mind you kompressor still rocks. he just ain't got the soul like beck.

2003-01-20 13:54:49 ET

i said LAYDAYYY..
step inside my HYUNDAIIII
gonna take you up to glendale
gonna take you for a real good meal . .

2003-01-20 14:05:59 ET

cos when our eyes did meet
girl you know i was packin' heat
ain't no use in wastin' no time gettin' to know each other
cos only you got a thing
that i just got to get with...

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